Global Game Jam 2015

My third game jam then was the Global Game Jam in Cologne again in 2015. This year's topic was the question: "What do we do now?". This time we came together in a team of 7 and since I brought in the Oculus Rift DK2 we decided to build a game around that. The idea was to have a two player game, where one player has to make his way through a space station with the Oculus, and the other player has a top down view onto what's happening, and he has to guide the player, to help him avoid enemies and find items. Unfortunately we did not have a working version after the 48 hours but about half an hour later we were able to show our game.

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"Spaze" is the result of the Global Game Jam 2015. It was the first 3D Project I ever tackled using Unity. It also was the first time I developed for the Oculus Rift. Back then I had recently gotten the Development Kit 2 and I was super excited to develop something for it. We gathered a team of 7 people building a game on the topic "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". So we went with the approach of having a game played by two players but from different perspectives. So the first player would be wearing the Oculus Rift and walking through a maze, while the second player watches him from above to navigate him. To add some more variety the player overwatching would have to press switches which open doors for the other player.

In the end we had a more or less working version, which we uploaded, and I think the idea is really good, but we could not really expand on it.

We also managed to cover two other diversifiers, which are:

  • Noise Generator:The mechanic of the game is based on players having to stay in constant communication with each other
  • Can I Try?:Any spectator of the game automatically becomes a player as well


Robin Murray
Solveig Lotharius
Toni Muller
Andreas Lau
Marco Picker
Marco Bodenstein
Nam Hoang Nguyen

Here you can Download the game

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