Global Game Jam 2013

I went to my first game jam in 2013. The Global Game Jam in Cologne. With a small team of four we p roduced a game with the topic being the sound of a heartbeat. The time limit for the Global Game Jam is 48 after announcement of the topic. I was very happy with the outcome at the time, since it was the first time I ever made a game with a team. The game we made is called: Hear the Living.

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Hear the living

"Hear the Living" is the game, me and my team created during the Global Game Jam 2013. It was my first time participating and it was a lot of fun, and I am quite proud of the outcome. The topic of that years Jam was the sound of a heartbeat. I hope you enjoy it!

Find people buried alive under rocks, snow and earth. You hear their heart beat, as you approach them. Listen carefully and take care of yourself, since your stamina and oxygen are limited. And hurry up, these people are low on oxygen as well.


David Immenkamp - Arts and Idea
Andreas Lau - Programming
Markus Over - Programming, Arts
Benjamin Goegge - Sound

Here you can Download the game

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