Epileptica is a 2D Shooter with fancy graphical effects and a cool Soundtrack! You control as small spaceship, and you have to fight hundreds of enemies. To do so you have 4 different weapon types, and if you should ever get in trouble you just use the devastating bomb or the slow motion effect, to free yourself from all those foes! But beware! There are 9 different enemy types, each of them deadlier than the others! Can you defeat them and beat the Highscore?

Epileptica was my first finished game project ever. It was written in Blitz-Basic a procedural language based on Basic, designed for games. I worked on this project for probably 4 months and I gained a lot of experience during the development. Nowadays I would probably be able to build the game in a day or two, but I like looking back at how I started.

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Here you can Download the game

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