BeeHold is the first of 2 projects I created during my studies at the Dundalk Institute of Technology, and it is my first project using the XNA Game Studio Environment. I really enjoyed making it and I gathered a lot of experience during the process. Don't judge me too hard though, because my focus was more on the development of the game, therefor the gameplay isn't as great as I would like it to be (The game is pretty hard and unbalanced). But still I hope you have as much fun playing it, as i had making it.

In BeeHold you play as a Bee, which is fighting its way through hordes of other Insects. The game is controlled using the Arrow-Keys or the Gamepad, and by pressing Spacebar or the X-Button to shoot. The game features 5 different items, like a shield or an extra-life. There are more than 10 different enemies and 4 exciting bosses in the 4 playable levels, each with one of the bosses at the end.


To play the game properly, you will need the following:
.NET Framework 4 and XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0

Patch V1.1:

Removed the multiplier item and replaced it with a health pick-up

Added health, so you can take 5 hits before you loose a life, which makes the game a lot easier


All graphics have been made by me, using Paint.NET.
The Highscore-System-Code has been taken from here, but has been modified by me, to fit my needs.
The sound effects have all been made with the BFXR-Soundeffects Generator.
The music has entirely been made by Javier Fernández-Cid, also known as Belmer.

Here you can Download the game

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